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Kampala Self Drive - Affordable 4X4 cars for hire

Know who we are

Kampala self drive is a registered car rental company offering cheap self drive Uganda services for travelers across the globe. We have been in this business for over 10 years, making us a well experienced company on the needs of customers in need of car rental Kampala services.

At Kampala Self drive, we have the most dependable vehicles for an exquisite behind the wheel experience with your loved ones. We are a fully registered rental company renowned for the best self drive car hire Kampala services.

We take pride in acknowledging ourselves as the best travel company to consider renting a car from with your loved ones for your Uganda self drive Kampala adventures in the capital, and to all the interesting travel destinations evenly spread across the pearl of Africa.

Our services at Kampala Self drive are innumerable, extending from the self drive Uganda services to the car rental Kampala with a driver, self-drive Uganda with rooftop tent, self-drive Kampala with pop up roof, car rental Kampala airport pickups, car hire Uganda with camping gear, long term Kampala self drive, self-drive East Africa and so much more.

We have an extensive collection of 4X4 Uganda car rental vehicles  in our fleet, with a vast array of the saloon cars, mini-vans, compact SUVs, full size SUVs and the Luxury SUVs. We believe we have whatever car you and your travel associates are in need of for memorable road trips across Uganda.

Our 4X4 car hire Kampala prices are very affordable, with our rates starting from as low as 25 USD. Discounts are eligible to y’all with clients considering renting for more than a month likely to benefit the most.

Best rental cars for Kampala self drive

Take a look at the best Uganda car rental vehicles we have ready for you, to travel through the conducive road network to your ideal safari destinations on your 4X4 self drive Uganda adventures.

Toyota Rav4

This is the most reliable compact SUV for Kampala self drive adventures. It is a 4X4 drivetrain car with great performance on the smooth and off road tracks in the city and around the country. Its fuel economy is great

Kampala self drive

Prado TX/TZ series

There’s plenty of these full size SUVs in our fleet for you to consider for your car hire Kampala safaris with your loved ones. The Prado seats 7 adult passengers comfortably with ample head and legroom.

Kampala self drive

Land Cruiser V8/VX

This is arguably the most comfortable luxury SUV for Kampala self drive trips. It is a popular option because of its wonderful interior and great performance on both smooth and off road tracks.

Kampala self drive

Land Cruiser GX series

This is a brawny SUV suitable for travelers on a more adventurous Uganda self drive Kampala safaris. This is a 5 speed manual transmission trooper with a reliable diesel engine. Its 4X4 drivetrain manually engaged when you need to traverse passed slippery terrains across the capital.

Kampala self drive

Land cruiser 70 series

This car has a strong 4.5L diesel engine with a swift manual transmission. It seats 5 adult passengers on their self drive 4X4 car hire Kampala road trips comfortably. It has the 4X4 gear lever, easy to use in case more power on the road is required to navigate past the off road tracks in Uganda.

Kampala self drive

Toyota Safari Van

We have many of these mini-vans in our fleet. These seat 10 adult passengers with a modified interior with a pop up roof. It’s an ideal option for families on Uganda self drive Kampala safaris. The engine in this minivan is a strong 3.0L diesel engine that hardly produces any soot while the engine runs.

Kampala self drive

Land Cruiser Extended

This is a modified version of the original 70 series, having an extended rear cabin and modified interior. This safari Land cruiser comfortably seats up to 8 Adult passengers on board. This is a very popular 4X4 car hire Kampala for wildlife enthusiasts. It gives you unmatched wildlife views on game drives.

Kampala self drive

Coaster Safari Bus

This safari bus seats 25 adults cozily. This is the most viable car rental Kampala vehicle option for a large group of tourists. It has comfortable seats, brilliant infotainment systems, clear windows and its 4X4 drivetrain. It’s a private Uganda self drive Kampala car for large families and friends.

Kampala self drive

Toyota wish

This is the popular station wagon option we have in our fleet. Its fuel economy is amazing, seats 7 adults comfortably and has great handling on the road. It’s surprisingly a 4X4 self drive Uganda vehicle that engages all the car’s four wheels for extra power when traction is lost.

Kampala self drive

Toyota Alphard

We do rent out this capacious minivan at an affordable cost. Its standout attributes are its 8 adult seats, great ground clearance, handy safety features, crash sensors, great performance engine and so much more. The variants in our fleet are 4X4 drivetrain.

Kampala self drive

Toyota Premio

This is the best sedan for travelers on self drive Kampala safaris. It’s perfectly raised with good fuel economy. It has great safety features such as the crash sensors, airbags, seat belts on all its 5 seats. etc. Its handling on the road is great too.

Kampala self drive

Toyota Passo

This is the most fuel economic car in our fleet. It is suitable for budget travelers on solo trips. It is an eco-friendly car for self drive Uganda car rental safaris in the city, with a 1.0 L engine. It has an automatic transmission and advanced safety features.

Kampala self drive

Popular Uganda self drive Kampala extra services

Here are the popular additional services we provide to most of our Kampala self drive clients to amplify their self drive adventures across the country.

Car hire with a driver

This is one of the most popular service sought for by travelers to Uganda. We rent out your ideal 4X4 vehicle with a professional driver. Our drivers are well versed with the most convenient traffic routes to get you in time at your travel destinations. Worriless about how to communicate with them as they are good speakers of the English Language, Spanish, French and Kiswahili.

car hire with driver

Car hire with rooftop tent

We offer this service to travelers having itineraries that have camping spots to spend the night in the wild. This is eligible on any of your ideal 4X4 Kampala self drive vehicle option. We do provide the double rooftop tent for travelers in need of two rooftop tents too. We mount these tents on only the 4X4 cars as they are the only ones able to support them indisputably.

double rooftop tent

Car hire with pop up roof

Most travelers on Uganda self drive Kampala have programs that include visiting the Ugandan National Parks. Choosing a 4X4 self drive Uganda car with a pop up roof enhances your wildlife view in these beautifully crafted parks. Most of the cars in our fleet have this roof modification making it more pleasing to watch wildlife on game drives in these wildlife conservation areas.

car hire Uganda with pop up roof

Uganda Airport transfers

At Kampala Self drive, we do airport transfers for our customers across the country. We pick you up at the Entebbe International Airport to your starting point of your Kampala self drive adventures. We also drop you off at the airport after the end of your self-guided road trips in Uganda. We provide this service at a discounted price when you rent a car from us.

Self drive East Africa

Our clients can embark on this amazing adventure across Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania with any of their ideal 4X4 self drive Uganda vehicle option. We have branches across East Africa to keep assisting you on your road trips where need be. Our cars are able to glide you swiftly on this multi nations safaris till the end of your self drive East Africa adventures.

self drive East Africa

Long term Kampala self drive

We rent out our cars to as much as 24 months. Long term Kampala self drive services are eligible for travelers renting their ideal vehicle options for periods greater than 14 days. There’s a huge discount for customers renting per month. We have a special discount for customers in this caliber in our monthly car rental Uganda package.

Long term car rental Kampala

Why Choose Us


Well the highlight of our services is that our Kampala self drive cars are reliable and affordable. We combine efficiency with cost effectiveness to commemorate your road trips. You can count on our cars to take you anywhere on your Uganda self drive Kampala trips regardless of the terrain and weather conditions.

Reasonable Price

We take delight in acknowledging our services as the most convenient and cheapest for both the foreign and native travelers in Kampala, Uganda. We have the best Kampala self drive extras at unbeatable rates across East Africa. Our rates start from as low as $25.


We do provide comprehensive insurance for all our customers on our rental cars for self-drive Kampala adventures. We prioritize your safety in case of the occurrence of unexpected events such as natural disasters, fires, vehicle theft, etc. All Our cars have standard safety features and are 4X4 drivetrain.

Creditable Company

To summarize it all, we are the most reputable car rental company for cheap self drive Uganda road trips. This is a factual statement that is supplemented with our reviews from the various customers we handle. Entrust to provide you the best 4X4 Kampala self drive vehicles to glide you across the pearl of Africa to your ideal safari destinations.

car hire Kampala with a driver
Self Drive Kampala

Requirements for renting a car for self drive in Kampala

Well to rent a car for your stipulated car hire Uganda period, we require a few documents from you. This helps us assess the level of professionalism you are at enhancing our trust in you with our vehicle(s).

self drive East Africa

Valid Driver’s License

Our lovely customers, we dearly need you to present to us a legally registered Ugandan Driving License or the international license for foreigners. The permit should at least be 3 years old.
Kampala self drive requirements

Passport or National ID

We also need to assess either the hard or soft copy of your passport and the National ID. We need these to verify your identity. In case of any accidents, we have where we can start to help you.
self drive East Africa

Age requirement

Our policy makes car hire services for Kampala self drive eligible for clients above 22 years of age. There is no maximum age as long the person meets the driving regulations.

Clients Love

Take a look at our self drive Uganda reviews from the numerous clients we have done business with across Kampala and Uganda as a whole.

Clare K
Clare K
The most reliable 4x4 Land cruiser I and two friends rented a 4x4 Land Cruiser V8 for business meeting in Eastern Uganda "Jinja" for a week. First, the driver "Charis" delivered the vehicle to us at Entebbe airport at no extra charge. We drove to Jinja and enjoyed the high comfort of this vehicle. It was very reliable and we drove at zero mileage. They have the best cars and I recommend them for your next car rental in Uganda. Your Drive Uganda is the best
OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE , WE SAW GORILLAS We never knew what to see when we made our booking with your drive oganda , we hired a safari van for our 22 days in oganda safari and everything went as expected, the company offered us the best driver guide over all guides, Charis was super and reliable, very smart and kind, he always made sure we are fine, made sure we see almost everything, starting from nature ,all animals in their wildness where seen, we tested the true African wildness, we saw more than we expected on our safari, thank you Charis , thank you your drive oganda.
Clare M
Clare M
Perfect car for my road-trip This has been so far one of the best car rental in Uganda service provider I have used. I hired a Land Cruiser Prado for a roadtrip in uganda and this worked beyond my expectations for the entire period. They delivered the car while it was clean and everything I had requested for was brought along with the car. I would definitely recommend them and use Your drive Uganda next time.
Katie S
Katie S
Would highly recommend We had an excellent experience! Pious was a great driver and very accommodating. The car worked well. Would highly recommend!
Ina P
Ina P
Amaizing trip with Sulaiman! It was an unforgettble experience spending 4 days in Uganda and having an experienced, rofessional and yet friendly driver Sulaiman. It was a business trip and it happened that I got one unplanned free day to explore buties of Uganda. Sulaiman recomended places to visit, and was en excellent tour guide! I was impressed with his driving skills on the busy roads in and around Kampala. He made this trip truly special! He went an extra mile and helped me to find and get a traditional dress! I highly recomend this company and their professional services!
Niklas L
Niklas L
Roadtrip trough Uganda in 03/24 We booked our trip with "Your Drive Uganda", we had several contacts with Titus (think he's the head of back office) and everything worked out as it should. He's a friendly, smart guy and always helpful. Our driver was Mr. Pius aka Mr. Fyah, he fit in perfectly with our group and showed us the real Uganda, not always these touristy events. We met locals, ate local food und saw some unknown insider tips. We didn't want the typical vacation experiences and he fullfilled our dream. It was a real pleasure and we truly met a friend in uganda with pius. We can recommend "Your Drive Uganda" as company and provider. Recommedation 5/5 Mr. Pius/ Mr. Fyah (our group's nickname for Mr. Pius) rating is a 10 out of 5, he made our trip legendary. We wish him all the best and hope that we can meet him again on our next visit to Uganda.
Jan K
Jan K
03/24 , NICE Stay Before we came to Uganda we had a incomplete plan of stay. We had properply the best stay , we could have. Our Driver Pius aka. Mr. Fyah! was the best guid we could imagine. Always punctual , kind , smart …. Big Thanks ! Weebale Pius and your drive !
Uganda road trip Very friendly and efficient service. Responded to my requests with great flexibility at a very reasonable rate. I am most content.

Popular destinations for travelers on Kampala self drive safaris

Kampala self drive

The Uganda Museum

Freedom City Mall

Kampala self drive

Gaddafi Mosque

Kasubi Tombs

Kabaka's Palace

Namugongo Martyr's Shrine

It's that simple!

Rent your ideal vehicle with us in a few steps

In just a few steps, you can have your desired Kampala self drive vehicle reserved for you until you need it for your stipulated travels. Start by clicking on our website and browse through the innumerable cheap self drive Uganda vehicle listings we have for your safaris.


Choose the one best for your safaris with your travel associates. Make sure it is the right fit for all of you, if not sure contact us to make for you the most appropriate choice that will further commemorate your road trips.


Reach us out through our ever online telecommunication handles, or give us a call on +256759498123. Email us at or on our Whatsapp account on +256759498123. We will handle your reservation regardfully.

Popular safaris to consider on your Kampala self drive adventures

We organize safaris around the city and across the country to spice up your self drive solo trips, or with your loved ones. There are many interesting travel plans you could choose amongst for you Uganda car rental trips. The following are the most exciting.

10 Days Uganda Safaris

Kampala self drive

7 days Uganda Safaris

Kampala self drive

15 Days Uganda Safaris

Kampala self drive

3 Days Gorilla Trekking

Kampala self drive

Frequently asked Questions about self drive in Kampala

Is it safe to self drive in Uganda?

It is absolutely safe for you to embark on a self drive road trip in Uganda. The roads are great and the traffic flow is well regulated. You should be at least 18 years to be eligible to drive in Uganda.

How much is a rental car in Uganda?

Renting a car from Kampala self-drive starts from as low as 25 USD. There is a huge discount for customers eyeing on renting for a good number of days.

Is it safe to rent a car in Uganda?

Renting a car in Uganda is very safe for both the foreign and local customers that entrust us to provide car rental Kampala services to them. The security is great in Uganda, and this makes you rest assured of full time surveillance on wherever you want to go.

What side of the road do they drive on in Uganda?

In Uganda traffic directs on the left hand side of the road. Most of the cars in Uganda have their steering on the right.

What is the biggest road in Uganda?

The biggest road in Uganda is arguably the Kampala-Entebbe expressway. It’s the widest free travel lane in the country.

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