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Car Hire Kampala with Rooftop Tent – How to book, Cost, Price and 4×4 Rental Guide

Car hire Kampala with rooftop tent is one of the special services we do provide to our clients. Do you wish to go camping in Uganda on a safari? Look no further and book a car with rooftop tent in Kampala and Uganda as a whole. Control where you sleep on a trip by simply unfolding a rooftop tent in any place safe for a stay and enjoy your sleep on top of a strong 4×4 jeep.

car hire Kampala with rooftop tentCar hire Kampala with rooftop tent becomes easier when you book with the right company. We always ensure that our tents are well maintained and kept clean for use. Safety for our clients is number one priority and we always advise our clients on where to stay while in the parks with the 4×4 car rooftop tent.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a 4×4 car with rooftop tent?

The price of hiring the 4×4 car with rooftop tent in Kampala starts from $80 per day. This is for the land cruiser Prado with the tent. This changes with the type of car one wants to hire with the tent and the number of days. If a client wishes to rent the car on a long period basis, then he/she gets a huge discount of $10 per day.

What extras come with the rooftop tent?

When you hire a 4×4 car in Kampala with rooftop tent, we give you extras like full camping equipment. These include; sleeping bags, cooking gas, saucepans, cups, plates, cooler box, fridge, storage box, torch, camping chairs and table. Other things can be added on request.

Which cars are allowed to use with a rooftop tent?

The cars we do allow to hire with a rooftop tent include; 4×4 Toyota land cruiser Prado, 4×4 land cruiser V8, 4×4 land cruiser VX/GX and 4×4 land cruiser hardtop.

How can I hire a car with rooftop tent in Kampala?

To hire a car with rooftop tent in Kampala, visit our contact page and fill in the form then send. Our reservation team will get back to you with offers and discounts on your rental. You can also book by calling us directly on +256704538374 or +256781451037.

Go on and rent a 4×4 car with rooftop tent in Kampala with us!

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