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Cheap 4X4 car hire Kampala with popup roof

Embark on your wildlife safaris with our cheap 4X4 car hire Kampala with popup roof cars. Enjoy the 360 views with any of the innumerable self drive car hire Kampala rides in our fleet.

Car hire Kampala with popup roof cars present you and your travel associates embarking on the wildlife safaris in Uganda, a memorable adventure through its amazing wildlife destinations. At Kampala Self Drive, we offer you the most affordable road troopers for this self drive car hire Kampala road trip.

4X4 car hire Kampala cars with the pop up roof are basically modified versions of the default cars, customized with a roof that opens up drastically. It is deployed manually having locks at the point of meet with the roof.

On your self drive Uganda wildlife safaris, we provide you the best car hire Kampala with popup roof vehicles to drive across the Pearl of Africa and also throught East Africa. We have an extensive list of 4X4 Uganda cars modified with the popup roof.

Take a look at the most popular car hire Kampala with popup roof vehicles available for renting in our fleet of able safari troopers.

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Most popular car hire Kampala with popup roof vehicles

car hire Uganda with pop up roof

Toyota Land cruiser Prado TX/TZ

This is a well raised safari car that seats 7 adult passengers. In our healthy fleet of capable safari cars, there are plenty of these modified 2.7cc cars for you to choose for your car hire Kampala with popup roof adventures. The outstanding specifications of this car is that it’s a 4X4 drivetrain car. It has the 4x4 gear lever adjacent its automatic transmission shifter. Speaking of transmission, the TX comes with a 4 speed Automatic transmission that changes gears in a swift ratio. The merits of this 4X4 car hire Uganda vehicle choice include its great handling on the road, outstanding safety features, clear wide windows, pop up roof, great ride height and reliable fuel economy.

car hire Uganda with pop u roof

Toyota Land cruiser V8/VX series

It is the most sought for luxury car hire Kampala with popup roof car for wildlife safaris in Uganda and across East Africa. The V8 comes with two engine variations, i.e. the 4.7L 2UZ gasoline engine and the 4.2L 1HD diesel engine. This Toyota Land cruiser has a very satisfying interior, with comfortable fabric and leather seats. Its pop up roof elevates almost the entire roof of this car, leaving just a few inches and that’s in the front cabin of the car. There are 8 adult seats in the V8 arranged with plenty of head and legroom. The popularity of this car rotates about its effective 4X4 drivetrain, great performance engine, remarkable handling on both off road and smooth tracks, amazing safety features, wide clear windows, and its durable body frame.

car hire Uganda with pop up roof

Toyota Land cruiser GX series

It’s arguably the most fuel efficient luxury car hire Kampala with popup roof, considered by most tourists to the Pearl of Africa and across East Africa. This car is a 5 speed manual transmission safari car with the 4.2L 1HD diesel engine. Specifics wise, this capable safari trooper has a very durable body frame that can support the double rooftop tents. This self drive Uganda vehicle seats 5 adult passengers with 2 in the front row and 3 in the rear row. In addition there’s plenty of cargo space in the trunk sufficient enough to fit all your travel necessities. This GX 4X4 car rental Kampala option has a very effective four wheel drive system, outstanding ground clearance, amazing infotainment systems, two fuel tanks, pop up roof, front grill and rare bumper guard, crash sensors and many more.

Hiace with pop up roof

Toyota Hiace Van (safari van)

In our 4X4 Uganda car rental Kampala fleet, there are plenty of these modified Hiace vans with the popup roof feature. This minivan comes with the 3.0L and 2.5L turbo tuned diesel engines. These vans are modified with 10 cozy seats arranged with 2 seats in the front row, 5 seats in the middle rows and 3 seats at the last row. The interior is designed with very clear and wide windows plus the manually deployed popup roof. This van has a full time 4WD system for great performance on the off road tracks. In addition, the suitability of this van for the 4X4 car rental Kampala safaris are probably its plenty much seats, good ground clearance, great fuel economy, pop up roof, advanced safety features and a durable body frame.

land cruiser extended

Land cruiser extended (70 series)

Our safari Land cruisers (70 and 79 series) are the most venturesome vehicles to consider for your car hire Kampala with popup roof road trips with your loved ones in Uganda and throught East Africa. This capacious land cruiser is the 70 series modified with an extended rare chassis, two tail gate spare tires and the pop up roof. It runs with the 5 speed manual transmission with the 4.2L 1HD engine and the smaller 3.0L 5L diesel engines. Both these engines are turbo tuned. The remarkable features of the Safari Land cruiser extended include its 8 comfortable leather seats, front grill and rear bumper guards, clear and wide windows, two fuel tanks, four wheel drivetrain and advanced safety features.

Cost of renting car hire Kampala with popup roof vehicles

Our car rental Uganda costs for the land cruiser TX are 80 USD per day for self drive Uganda safaris and 110 USD with a driver. We charge 100 USD for the Land cruiser V8 for self drive, 130 USD with a driver.

The price for renting the Land cruiser extended stands at 200 USD with a professional driver taking you throught your road trips. The safari van car hire Kampala with popup roof is rented out at 100 USD with a driver whereas the Land cruiser GX is at 100 USD for self drive Uganda and 130 USD with a driver.

Why rent pop up roof vehicles from Kampala self drive

At Kampala self drive, we have the most reliable 4X4 car hire Kampala with popup roof vehicles at the most affordable rates all over East Africa.

We take gratification in acknowledging our prices to be the most affordable for the Land cruiser V8/VX series, the Land cruiser GX, the Toyota Rav4, the Toyota Hiace safari van, the Land cruiser extended and so many more 4X4 Uganda self drive cars.

Our customer helpline team is ever present, ready to serve your Kampala self drive needs whenever you want, wherever you go. We have a team of professional drivers to drive you around the Pearl of Africa to each and every ideal tourist attraction sites you would like to visit.

The vehicles we have for self drive car hire Kampala are well maintained and serviced in time, with high quality spare parts and refueled with quality fuel. With our cars, your Uganda safaris are entitled to be at the utmost pleasurable.

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How to hire your ideal popup roof vehicle with us

Reach us out on our Whatsapp account on +256781451037 or at +256704538374. Preferably you can email us at about the car you and your loved ones idolize for car rental Kampala safaris.

Explain to us what services you need us to provide for an outstanding car rental Uganda experience across the Pearl of Africa and across East Africa. We provide instant feedback giving you ample time to plan your trips.