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BEST 4X4 self drive East Africa services

Self drive East Africa are tours done by travelers to the innumerable East African travel destinations while they are behind the wheel of their ideal car rental vehicle option. Very few African tours are as exhilarating as the self drive East Africa safaris. There’s plenty of coverage for you in East Africa along with your travel associates when you embark on this awesome adventure.

In East Africa, Self drive tours are renowned to be fun filled from the very start. This African region is characterized by diverse cultures, vastly spread throughout the region. For travelers coming from America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica and Australia, expect amusing tributes of the racial differences from the onset of your self drive East Africa road trip.

The self drive cars you could choose from our fleet to move you around East Africa are quite many. We however deal mostly in 4×4 featured vehicles as they are the most dependable for self drive East Africa.

Driving conditions in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi are great and give you a comfortable tour across East Africa. The roads to the most exciting destinations are off road tracks, substituting the need for 4×4 car rental East Africa services. At Kampala Self Drive, expect only the best serviced troopers for this admirable experience.

The best self drive East Africa vehicles

Despite an extensive collection of cars in East Africa, some are renowned to be the most dependable especially for self drive safaris. There are lots of reasons as to why they are excluded amongst the many car rental East Africa safari options.

Exclusives for this safari are the following;

The Toyota Land cruiser V8/VX series

This SUV is arguably the strongest luxury road trooper for a high end self drive East Africa safari. It has many features for its notability such as its very strong 4.7L V8 engine. This powerful trooper comes with a 5 speed Automatic gearbox plus the 4X4 gear lever.

It’s the most economic luxury SUV consuming 16.5 L of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Its fuel tank holds up to 96L allowing you travel long distances with less fueling stops.

Its ride height is amazing as compared to other luxury SUVs for self drive East Africa safaris. It’s very stable on the road with great handling and automatic safety features.

The interior of this land cruiser V8 is capacious, seating up to 8 adult passengers cozily with enough head and legroom. It is an eco-friendly vehicle that hardly produces any soot while the engine runs.

kampala self drive

The Toyota Land cruiser GX series

Self drive safaris across East Africa are enjoyable in this brawny SUV. This car has a 4.2L diesel engine and a 5 speed Manual transmission gearbox. It’s a diesel car with a main fuel tank and the reserve tank.

It has a spacious interior accommodating 5 adults conducively. It has the 4X4 lever for you to engage power in all four wheels when traction on the road is lost

Its ground clearance gives you an elevated self drive East Africa tours in the parks and other sites. It has outstanding safety features for a protected self drive safaris, e.g. it comes with a front grill guard.

Its fuel economy on the 60 km/h mode is impressive recording only 9.3L for every 100 kilometers.

self drive East Africa

The Toyota Prado TX/TZ series

There’s no better full size SUV for self drive East Africa tours than this Japanese made road cruiser. It seats 7 adult passengers comfortably in its back, middle and front rows, i.e. 2, 3 and 2 respectively

It comes with either the gasoline or diesel engine variations. Has the 4X4 drivetrain suspension. It’s well raised from the ground with an impressive 12 inch ride height.

Its spear tire is mounted off from the back at the tail gate. Its engines are turbo charged recording great performances on all types of road terrains in East Africa

It has a very durable frame. Its fuel consumption is 12.7L/100 km

self drive East Africa

The Toyota Rav4 series

This car stands out as the most amazing compact SUV for self drive East Africa.

It is one of the very few 4X4 drivetrain compact SUVs for self drive tours. It’s very economic as it records an average of 7.8L of petrol per 100 kilometers. It has a great suspension that gives you great handling even at high speeds

The Rav4 seats 5 adults pleasantly with enough legroom and headroom. The safety features of the Rav4 are many with the Antilock brake system being the highlight. Its spear tire is mounted off from the tail gate

These are the self-drive East Africa vehicle options we give you for this adventure. They are the best options because of their undoubted performance on East African Roads.

self drive East Africa

Prices for self drive East Africa

Type of car

below 10 days

(per day)

Up to 3 weeks

(per day)

Up to 30 days

(per day)

More than a month

Land cruiser (V8/VX, GX) series

100 USD self drive


90 USD self-drive

80 USD self-drive


70 USD self-drive


Land cruiser (TX/TZ) series

85 USD self drive

75 USD self-drive

65 USD self-driver

55 USD self-drive

Toyota Rav4 series

65 USD self drive

55 USD self-drive

45 USD self-drive

35 USD self-drive

Requirements for self drive car rental East Africa

Before embarking on your self drive safaris across East Africa, we first assess a few requirements needed for this exhilarating adventure. These requirements are what you need to commence on your self-drive East Africa safaris with any of your preferred rental car from our fleet.

self drive East Africa

Valid driver’s license

For the East African citizens, we expect you to provide any form that shows your driver’s license that suits the class of car you are to drive for your safaris. It should be valid for at least two more months after your car rental East Africa spell.

Kampala self drive requirements

Passport/ National ID

We need all our clients embarking on their self-drive East Africa to have any of these identity documents. We need this to assure of us of the nationality of the person we are trusting our vehicle with.

self drive East Africa


Our self-drive East Africa services are legible for East Africans and Foreigners from the age of 22 years. This is the least age for any self drive East Africa tourist planning to book a car from us. There is no maximum age.

Destinations on self drive East Africa tours

There are plenty of places you and your loved ones can go to for unforgettable memories on your visits to East Africa. These startling locales are evenly spread in the East African countries.

The attraction endowed East African countries include Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. You could decide to specifically go for self drive Tanzania safaris, self drive Uganda tours, 4X4 self drive Kenya trips and also self drive Rwanda.

Take a look at the places to go to in any of these adventure packed countries you may choose to give a visit.


The Pearl of Africa gives you so many magnificent memories especially when you decide to visit its reputable attraction sites. Our self drive Uganda services are many, and the most interesting are Kampala self drive and self drive car rental Kampala.

The difference between the two is that for self drive Uganda, you can travel across the numerous districts in Uganda whereas for self drive car hire Kampala, you are restricted to travelling in the capital only.

Irrespective of what kind of car rental services you need in this amazing country, there’s plenty of adventurous places you are to encounter with your loved ones. These are quite many but the following are the most adventure packed;

Kampala self drive

• Ugandan National parks

e.g. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

• Ugandan cultural centers

e.g. The Kasubi Tombs, Namugongo shrine, extensive royal palaces, etc.
self drive East Africa

• Ugandan physical features

e.g. Lake Victoria, Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Elgon, Mabira forest, etc.

These are notably the most visited places for travelers on a self drive Uganda adventure. Well there are more attractive places for you to visit in Uganda based on your preferences on this awesome road trip.

Make enough research about Uganda and list the places you would want memories on.

Best cars for self drive Uganda

The road network in Uganda is awesome, that gives you a very comfortable cruise to whatever destination you would want to visit. The roads are well paved and some, especially the ones in some areas in the National Parks are purely off road.

When renting a car from us, we make sure we give you only the best that can take you through all the Ugandan road networks in the cities and the remote areas swiftly with less effort. These are;

The reasons for the popularity of the above vehicles as the ideal safari cars for self drive Uganda are quite many, but the highlight is that they are 4X4 drivetrain. They engage power in all the four wheels for extra traction on all the challenging tracks.

Best times to go for self drive Uganda adventures

The dry seasons are the best times in which you should plan to visit the pearl of Africa. These times of the year are attributed with lots of coverage for tourists compared to the wet season.

The dry season in Uganda happens twice, i.e. from early June to late August and then from the start of December to early March. These are the times of the year in Uganda when the sun shines brightest with the levels of humidity also high.

This season is however the best to watch all the amazing species in the Ugandan National Parks as they are easily spotted in the Parks’ landscapes.

Also, getting detailed documentary from whatever attraction site you want to go to on your self drive Uganda trips is assured. This is because there are no excuses especially in terms of punctuality by the tour guides.

They hardly have any excuses since the traffic in the dry season moves swiftly, no rain inconveniences, etc. as compared to the wet season.

The dry season in Uganda is also the times of the year when most social functions are organized. Basically all the fun things to do in Uganda are often organized in the dry season.

Accommodation in Uganda.

The best place to live in Uganda on your adventures is its capital city, Kampala. Despite the fact that accommodation facilities in Uganda are evenly spread across the country, Kampala has the best.

Self drive car rental Kampala presents you to innumerable accommodation options for you. There are many budget options, midrange and Luxury stays in this densely populated capital.

The renowned accommodation facilities in Kampala are quite many but the list is topped by Serena Hotel and Speke Resort Hotel. These are the best luxury hotels in Kampala.

Mestil Hotel and residences plus Four Points by Sheraton are the standout midrange options, whereas Onomo Hotel and Fairway Hotel emerge as the best budget friendly stays for tourists on a self-drive car hire Kampala escapade.

Well be ready for more astounding accommodation facilities in the nearby districts of Kampala and in the upcountry. There are lots of fine establishments in these developed regions for self drive Uganda wildlife safaris.

When traveling to the Pearl of Africa, worriless on where to seek accommodation because in any area you want to go, there’s a facility that should suit your preference.


This country is renowned to have the most advanced economy in East Africa. It is also among the biggest East African countries on the charts.

Opting to go for 4x4 self drive Kenya road trips is truly a brilliant pick for you and your travel associates. Kenya has plenty to offer for you in terms of memories and evocations. The reminiscence sites in this country include;

These places have the best attractions to encounter with your loved ones on your 4x4 self drive Kenya adventure. Endeavor to make enough analysis on the places you want to visit, or hire a guide from our company for a more scintillating adventure.

Rhinos in Nairobi

Kenya National Parks, e.g. Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve, etc.

Nairobi National Museum

Kenyan Museums, e.g. the Nairobi National Museum, Karen Blixen Museum, Nyeri Museum, etc.

Kenyan physical features, e.g. Mount Kenya, Lake Turkana, River Tana, the Great Rift Valley, etc.

Kenyan cultural sites, e.g. the Kenya cultural center, Rioki cultural center, Igongo cultural center, etc.

Best 4x4 self drive Kenya vehicles

The Kenyan road network is mixed terrain with smooth paved tracks in the city and off road tracks in some of its National Parks and cultural heritage sites.

At Kampala Self Drive we give out only multi-terrain vehicles for 4x4 self drive Kenya safaris. These are;

self drive Kenya

Land cruiser TX/TZ series

self drive Kenya

Land cruiser V8/VX series

The Land cruiser GX series

We put our sincere credence in these cars, they are reliable in all types of terrain. They have the 4X4 feature that you should engage in moments when traction on the road is lost.

Our fleet has many of these cars. The one you choose is the one you get for driving on your 4×4 self drive Kenya tours.

Best times to do self drive Kenya safaris

Kenya is most enjoyable in the dry season. Its dry season starts from June to late October, and from late December to early March.

During this season, expect to observe many of the innumerable wildlife species in Kenyan National Parks with less effort. They are seen vibrantly in the savannahs eyeing for prey as well as marching to water sources.

Roads are also dry and firm unlike in the rainy season. Your 4x4 self drive Kenya activities are more exhilarating with clean car travels across this country.

Itineraries are easy to follow in the dry season because of the smooth traffic flow Kenya has in the dry season. The rainy season makes traffic pile up especially after heavy down pours.

Consider your 4x4 self drive Kenya safaris in the dry season as the weather itself relishes your experience further.

Accommodation in Kenya

The best accommodation facilities in Kenya are in Nairobi. There’s plenty of world class hotels for you to spend your 4x4 self drive Kenya days. The best options are the Tribe hotel and Raddisson Blu Hotel for those eyeing on a luxury accommodation.

Midrange options are many but the list is topped by Nairobi Serena Hotel and Emara Ole-Sereni. The budget friendly stays you should reside at should include the Pullman Nairobi and the Pan Pacific serviced suites.

Journeys to the upcountry parts of Kenya also have fine accommodations. Make plenty of research about the available options in your area of interest. Know about the security the hotel holds on your well-being before spending your money there.


The united Republic of Tanzania is a big country in East Africa that has an extensive list of attractions. This stable country has much to offer for visitors on self drive Tanzania safaris.

The most interesting places you and your loved ones should decide to visit are;

Mountain Kilimanjaro

Tanzania physical features e.g. Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, Malagarasi River, etc.

attractions in Tanzania

Tanzania cultural heritage sites, e.g. the Olduvai Gorge Museum, the Stone town, the Tongoni Ruins, etc.

wildlife in Serengeti National Park

Tanzania National Parks, e.g. the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater, etc.

Tanzania stadiums

Tanzania sports centers e.g. the Benjamin Mkapa stadium, the starlight arena, etc.

Best self drive Tanzania cars

Driving in Tanzania is quite a one of a kind road trip, as this country has a brilliant road network throught. The roads are many because of its size, having some off road tracks in some areas of the country.

To have an explicit coverage to the vastly spread attraction sites, we give you only the best options for both smooth and off road tracks, these are;

They are the cars available in our fleet that can give you a comfortable self drive Tanzania adventure.

self drive Tanzania

• The Land cruiser GX series

Accommodations in Tanzania

There are quite many fancy accommodation facilities in Tanzania. The best are in Dodoma, its capital city whereas more are spread evenly throught this big country.

With your loved one(s) on a self drive Tanzania escapade, choose between the Melia Serengeti and the Zuri Zanzibar. Those are the standout luxury accommodations among the many in Tanzania.

The midrange options for accommodation in Tanzania are very many. The best options should be the TUI BLUE Bahari and The Kilimanjaro. Their services are more outstanding than their counterparts.

For those on a budget self drive Tanzania road trip, the best options for you are the Shose Chalets and the Karibu Beach Resort. They are the best priced accommodations with interesting services.

Best times to visit Tanzania

Having your self drive Tanzania adventures in the dry season is more enjoyable than in the wet season. Tanzania has vibrant weather in its dry season that start in late June to the early days of October.

This is the period in which tourism activities are most done. Watching the innumerable attractions in the Tanzanian National Parks is almost effortless in the dry season.

These animals and birds are often spotted in large numbers in the savannah landscapes of the parks in this time of the year. The weather also makes the sightings formidable, objecting to the wet season.

Recording photographic memories with your loved ones at all the encountered attraction sites in Tanzania is clearest in the dry months. The skies are clear and the rays are vibrant making the pictures lively.

The wet season however has many interesting attributes but not as exciting as the dry season. Plan with your loved one(s) to go for self drive Tanzania adventures in June, July, August, September and early October.


The Land of a Thousand Hills is a must consider travel destination for a scintillating self drive East Africa safari. This is a small but beautiful country with unique history and extensive attractions.

The best attractions this small East African country names in its gallery include;

Traveling to Kigali will present you priceless adventures with your loved ones. There’s plenty to see in this beautiful city when self driving.

• Its National Parks, e.g. Volcanoes National Park, Gishwati National Park, Akagera National Park and Virunga National Park
self drive East Africa
• Its Genocide memorial sites, e.g. the Murambi Genocide Memorial center, the Ntarama Genocide Memorial center, etc.
self drive East Africa
• Its physical features, e.g. Lake Kivu, River Akagera, Virunga mountains, Karisimbi mountains, etc.

Kigali car rental self drive

This is a service we provide in Rwanda for travelers to travel through its capital city, Kigali, and any other location in this country while they are behind the wheel.

The cars we provide you for this exquisite adventure are the best for Rwanda roads. To differ from most East African countries, Rwanda’s road network is less challenging.

Kigali has good roads whereas the ones to the national parks are the tricky ones. Most visitors to this country have itineraries based on visiting the Parks, so we rent out vehicles that can facile easily on the pathways to the parks. These are;

These are the outstanding road cruisers for Kigali car rental self drive. Their performance is amazing, with great mileage coverage and good fuel economy.

Accommodation in Rwanda, Kigali

This small country astonishingly has numerous world class accommodations facilities for you to spend your days while exploring the Land of a Thousand Hills. The best Luxury facilities are Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel, the Retreat and Kigali Serena Hotel.

Among the many midrange hotels in Kigali, Kigali Marriott Hotel and Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge are the best alternatives. Meanwhile Four Points by Sheraton Kigali, Radisson Blu Hotel and Inganzo Boutique Hotel are the best budget friendly stays.

Having an outstanding accommodation facility to spend your days while exploring this country commemorates your self drive Kigali Rwanda escapades.

Best times for self drive Rwanda Kigali

Rwanda has two weather seasons that affect its tourism activities, i.e. the dry season and the wet season. Rwanda’s wet season start in early March till late May, and in late September to early November. The dry season begins from early June to late August and also from late December to Early February.

The dry season analytically emerges as the best time for you and your loved ones to go for a self drive Rwanda Kigali escapade. The weather is amazing favoring you to partake in any of the amazing things to do in this beautiful country.

The roads are very clean in this season, plus the punctuality of the guides is top tier. Expect on time documentaries at the visited places because there’s hardly any condition that can lead to delay. Rain inconveniences are very few unlike in the rainy season.

Consider the dry seasons as the best times for you to encounter the beautiful landscapes of this country plus its innumerable attractions.

Well with that explicit doctrine on the destinations you should consider for your self drive East Africa safaris, there are more services we provide for travelers to this region. These include the following;

Cross border car rental

This cross border service allows you to cross from the country you are starting your self drive East Africa tours to any other East African country.

You could decide to start in Uganda and cross to Kenya then back, or continue to Tanzania and end your self drive tours in Rwanda. We have absolutely no problem with you when you want to have such a kind of safari. At Kampala Self Drive car Rental Company, we allow our clients to travel to any of their ideal countries to catchup on their itineraries. We however need you to inform us before renting a car from us about your travel destinations. This will help us help you accordingly. This includes us giving you the required items crosschecked at the different border points in East Africa. These include; • The COMESA insurance • The vehicle registration form • Acceptance letter for cross border services from the company. We give you these at no added cost! However we argue you to be on your utmost security attentiveness when exploring East Africa on a self-drive safari with your loved ones. The fact that security levels vary throught the East African countries requires you to move in only the day light times. Plan your activities on self-drive safaris for cross border in the favorable times to be on the safe side. Safety is key.

cross border car rental

Tips for cross border car rental

For a wonderful experience while driving across East Africa, there are some few tips that you should consider. These will spur further your self-drive road trips in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

Before you embark on this multi nation safari, make sure you have the required documents for crossing from one East African country to another. The required documents for citizens are;

  • The Passports
  • COMESA receipt
  • Vehicle documents
  • COVID 19 vaccination card
  • The Yellow fever certificate
  • Acceptance letter from the car rental East Africa Company for cross border safaris.

Well for foreigners, you need to have;

  • The Passports
  • COMESA receipt
  • Vehicle documents
  • COVID 19 vaccination card
  • The Yellow fever certificate
  • Acceptance letter from the car rental East Africa Company for cross border safaris.
  • East African VISA. This is only legible for travelers to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda only. Travelers driving to Tanzania should get the Tanzanian VISA.

After equipping yourself with documents, have a fully stacked Packing list. It should have the essentials like a first aid kit, appropriate clothes, etc.

You should denote that the crossing points are always crowded with immigrants. Its better you plan to cross from these stations in the early mornings when traffic is less.

Get learned about the routes to the crossing points. The advantage East African countries have is that their crossing points are easily accessed via the GPS locations. Knowing where to cross from and how long it will take you to get there makes your safaris delightful.

Endeavor to research about the traffic conditions of the East African countries you are to cross to. The rules and regulations vary in terms of the driving sides to the driving speeds. To avoid fines and inconveniences, research about the traffic rules and regulations of each country first before you plan on self driving through it with your loved ones.

Comprehensive Insurance

Our comprehensive insurance protects you and your travel associates from any form of harm that you may encounter on your self drive car rental East Africa safaris.

It covers, accidents such as theft, fire outbreaks, vandalism, etc. This means that when any of these sad occurrences comes up and the fault is not yours, we take full responsibility of repairing the damages and replacing the car with a better one. In addition we take care of your health in case the damage caused any form of harm to you or any of your travel associates.

comprehensive insurance

Why opt for self drive East Africa services from Kampala Self Drive?

Our services are arguably the most affordable compared to the innumerable travel companies in East Africa. Our cars are well maintained and many, giving you a vast option to choose from for your self-drive East Africa safaris.

Our additional services are so handy, the likes of the comprehensive insurance service. This service insures you from any form of potential harm that might fall on the car while on your safaris.

Our comprehensive insurance covers theft, collision accidents, fire accidents and many more. Few East African companies have this insurance on their car rental vehicles. The highlight of this is that our clients do not pay for this insurance.

We cater for an all-round self drive East Africa safari straight from the best cars to drive to the most fun filled tour packages. Chat us up any time that’s convenient for you at for limited time discounts on our self drive East Africa safaris.

Our self drive Uganda Reviews, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda

Take a look at our performance in the car rental Kampala business reflected by our self drive Uganda reviews, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Clare K
Clare K
The most reliable 4x4 Land cruiser I and two friends rented a 4x4 Land Cruiser V8 for business meeting in Eastern Uganda "Jinja" for a week. First, the driver "Charis" delivered the vehicle to us at Entebbe airport at no extra charge. We drove to Jinja and enjoyed the high comfort of this vehicle. It was very reliable and we drove at zero mileage. They have the best cars and I recommend them for your next car rental in Uganda. Your Drive Uganda is the best
OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE , WE SAW GORILLAS We never knew what to see when we made our booking with your drive oganda , we hired a safari van for our 22 days in oganda safari and everything went as expected, the company offered us the best driver guide over all guides, Charis was super and reliable, very smart and kind, he always made sure we are fine, made sure we see almost everything, starting from nature ,all animals in their wildness where seen, we tested the true African wildness, we saw more than we expected on our safari, thank you Charis , thank you your drive oganda.
Clare M
Clare M
Perfect car for my road-trip This has been so far one of the best car rental in Uganda service provider I have used. I hired a Land Cruiser Prado for a roadtrip in uganda and this worked beyond my expectations for the entire period. They delivered the car while it was clean and everything I had requested for was brought along with the car. I would definitely recommend them and use Your drive Uganda next time.
Katie S
Katie S
Would highly recommend We had an excellent experience! Pious was a great driver and very accommodating. The car worked well. Would highly recommend!
Ina P
Ina P
Amaizing trip with Sulaiman! It was an unforgettble experience spending 4 days in Uganda and having an experienced, rofessional and yet friendly driver Sulaiman. It was a business trip and it happened that I got one unplanned free day to explore buties of Uganda. Sulaiman recomended places to visit, and was en excellent tour guide! I was impressed with his driving skills on the busy roads in and around Kampala. He made this trip truly special! He went an extra mile and helped me to find and get a traditional dress! I highly recomend this company and their professional services!
Niklas L
Niklas L
Roadtrip trough Uganda in 03/24 We booked our trip with "Your Drive Uganda", we had several contacts with Titus (think he's the head of back office) and everything worked out as it should. He's a friendly, smart guy and always helpful. Our driver was Mr. Pius aka Mr. Fyah, he fit in perfectly with our group and showed us the real Uganda, not always these touristy events. We met locals, ate local food und saw some unknown insider tips. We didn't want the typical vacation experiences and he fullfilled our dream. It was a real pleasure and we truly met a friend in uganda with pius. We can recommend "Your Drive Uganda" as company and provider. Recommedation 5/5 Mr. Pius/ Mr. Fyah (our group's nickname for Mr. Pius) rating is a 10 out of 5, he made our trip legendary. We wish him all the best and hope that we can meet him again on our next visit to Uganda.
Jan K
Jan K
03/24 , NICE Stay Before we came to Uganda we had a incomplete plan of stay. We had properply the best stay , we could have. Our Driver Pius aka. Mr. Fyah! was the best guid we could imagine. Always punctual , kind , smart …. Big Thanks ! Weebale Pius and your drive !
Uganda road trip Very friendly and efficient service. Responded to my requests with great flexibility at a very reasonable rate. I am most content.

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