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Self Drive Kampala – 4×4 cars for self drive rental in Kampala, Cost, Price and Booking Guide

Self Drive KampalaSelf drive Kampala is one of the exciting services we do offer to our clients. Do you wish to drive yourself on a visit to Kampala or Uganda as a whole? Contact 4×4 car hire Kampala company (Your Drive Uganda Ltd) and enjoy your adventure. With self drive Kampala services, you are able to control your journey without any limit and drive to any place of your choice in the country. You can also cross the borders to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania with our 4×4 cars for hire in Kampala.

Self drive Kampala services are unique. Unlike car hire with a driver, with self drive, you are 100% in control and you decide where to go and the time to go. Is it your first time visit to Uganda? No worries, we can give you a map to follow or a GPS system to use and enjoy your self drive experience in Uganda. From as low and $40 per day, you can grab a car on self drive a Kampala basis.

Frequently Asked Self Drive Kampala Questions

How much does it cost to hire a self drive car in Kampala?

The price of hiring a self drive car in Kampala depends on the type of car one wishes to hire. Here at 4X4 car hire Kampala, the price starts from $40 per day. This increases with a change in the type of car and can reduce if the number of days of hiring the car increases.

How can I book a self drive car in Kampala?

Do you wish to hire a self drive Kampala car? All you need to do is contact us through our contact page by simply filling in the form and press send. Our team will get back to you immediately with the best car rental Kampala offers. Alternatively, you can call us directly on our numbers and book a car on +256704538374 or +256781451037.

What type cars are available for self drive Kampala?

We have a fleet of cars from which a client can select the best car to suit his/her travel plans. Some of the cars we have for self drive include; 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser Prado, saloon cars, 4×4 land cruiser V8, land cruiser GX/VX and many more.

Is it safe to go on a self drive Safari in Uganda?

Yes, it is safe to go on a self drive safari in Uganda and Kampala. The roads in the country are in good conditions and security in the country is good. If you know how to drive then you are good to go. There are no strings attached when you rent a car for self drive Kampala services with us.

Can I cross the border with a self drive Kampala car?

Yes, you can cross the border with a self drive Kampala car to countries like; Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and DR. Congo. All you need to do is inform us and we shall make that possible.

Who is responsible for repairs on under self drive contract?

The company is responsible for all the repairs on the car when a client gets an issue with the car on the trip. We have mechanics allover the country ready to assist clients with issues with the car and the company pays them.

Go on and hire a self drive car in Kampala with us!